Cyclist Safety Reinvented

BiKube is an innovative new cycling safety product that communicates your presence directly to cars and trucks on the road — bypassing drivers who are often distracted, dis-engaged, dis-oriented or even hostile to cyclists.

Unlike other cyclist safety products on the market, BiKube does more than simply warn the cyclist or driver about likely collisions. The BiKube incorporates a patent-pending reflector technology that greatly amplifies the detectability of the cyclist to vehicle collision avoidance systems thereby activating its automatic emergency braking capabilities to intervene and help prevent collisions with cyclists — Collision Avoidance not just Collision Warning!

Cyclists, get the BiKube...

73% of bike accidents are caused by a car striking a cyclist from behind and nearly all cyclists fear getting hit from behind. Cyclists are safer when they are more visible to vehicles on the road.

Our Story

Radian was formed to develop products to make streets safer for vulnerable road users including cyclists, joggers, and pedestrians.

Our mission is to encourage cyclists to ride more and non-cyclists to start riding to promote a safer, healthier, and greener planet.

With BiKube, We've Got Your Back!

The Problem

People want to bike more. But they have a justified fear of collisions with motor vehicles.

Nearly all cyclists fear getting hit from behind.

Deaths of pedestrians and cyclists have increased 38% in the last 7 years! Cars and trucks are bigger than ever, and drivers are increasingly distracted, dis-engaged, or hostile to cyclists on the road.

Vehicle on bike accidents kill 1,000 cyclists yearly.

Only Radian’s BiKube communicates the cyclists’ presence and position directly to the vehicle’s collision avoidance system to help prevent collisions.

Don't cars have anti-collision technology?

Yes, the majority of vehicles now have sophisticated collision avoidance systems.

But they were designed to see other cars which are large metallic objects. Radar-based collision avoidance systems have great difficulty seeing smaller non-metallic objects like pedestrians and cyclists. Because cyclists must share the road with cars and trucks they are in greater danger. Visibility is vital to being safe. BiKube increases the visibility of cyclists to vehicles and activates the collision avoidance system to protect cyclists from collisions.

The Product

Radian’s BiKube optimizes the object detection capabilities of a vehicle’s own Collision Avoidance System.

How It Works

Radar Sensor Optimization

Radian increases the detectability (RCS) of the cyclist by amplifying the reflected signal back to the car’s radar sensor.

Our patent-pending radar reflector generates a 10x amplitude increase (the measure of reflected signal strength)

A 10x amplitude increase means the cyclist has maximum detectability at all critical distances and angles.

10x amplitude activates the collision avoidance capabilities of the vehicle much sooner making the cyclist much safer. Safer cycling is more enjoyable cycling.

The Radian Innovation

Prizmatic Optimization™

  • We significantly increase the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) of cyclists with Prizmatic Optimization techniques that enhance the illumination and reflectivity of the raw signal data obtained and processed by vehicle object detection sensors including: Radar, Camera-Vision, Lidar, & Optic sensors.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of raw signal data enhances the range, velocity, angular resolution, pixel, and point cloud resolution of the cyclist to the vehicle’s collision avoidance system (CAS);
  • Doing so, improves CAS performance by activating the forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking systems to detect and avoid collisions with cyclists at greater distances and wider fields-of-view.

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The Team

Experienced Road Safety Specialists, Technologists, and Company Builders

Kevin McMahon


25+ year career as corporate executive and attorney focused on regulatory performance standards and vehicle product safety technologies. Represented Land Rover, Jaguar, Bosch, Continental, Delphi/Aptiv, Autoliv, Veoneer, ZF/TRW and others who develop and manufacture Collision Avoidance Systems (CAS).

Former General Counsel of the Automotive Safety Council.

Avid Cyclist & Outdoor Enthusiast.


Jamil "JD" Diwan


With over 25 years in the commercial aviation industry from technician, inspector, , quality control, manager, executive, and founder of multiple companies including Jet Engine Solutions, LLC (JES). JES provides safety critical commercial aircraft  engine maintenance and repair to customers globally. He has 15+ years of business operations in all facets.


JD 3
Clark McCune
Award-winning consumer product designer, 20 + years in UX, and industrial design.
David Overton

Former McKinsey consultant and VP Strategy, JC Penney and other large retailers.

Jeff Roddy

International patent and trademark specialist, Avviso Associates.

Professor Taylor Li

University of Texas Arlington; Robotics and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

Richard Smith

Radar signal expert, 25+ years antennae design/engineering: Cisco, Allgon, Lockheed.

John Dupree

Former SVP Business Sales and VP Business Marketing, Sprint (now T-Mobile).

Eric Lorentz

17+ years in content development for web delivery and software development.

Ann K. Browning

Strategic Advisor & Commercial Transactions Attorney.